About Vitae

The Social Media Platform


What we do

Developed with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to you! Providing a NEW AGE social rewards network to give opportunity for financial freedom.

Vitae continuously monitors the trends of the social media industry while building its own state of the art social media platform. On this platform, not only will find exciting content and features but you will also be rewarded for your activity.

Vitae is powered by many individuals who work in their respective departments. With an ever changing landscape of opportunity, the Vitae team is organized for success.

The commitment to Vitae Token, is with purpose and consistent with today’s biggest trends. Our main developers and programmers are excited to provide a future to cryptocurrency. Founded by entrepreneurs and like minded individuals to build a new generation of cryptocurrency able to advance with technology.

To grow global prosperity is our end goal. We empower people to take control of their lives. We hand you the tools to achieve financial freedom. The Vitae Charity fund addresses the less fortunate with no access to the platform.


One of our driving forces is fairness, to make sure everything we do is best for everybody in our community

One of the main components of our platform is Equality which basically means that everyone has a chance, no matter who you are and background you may have, at Vitae you can make it.

A lot of effort and resources are being put in to make sure we are fully compliant with the laws and regulations. We have established a strong and robust legal department to make sure everything is done correctly. We are in the strong belief to go the extra mile when it comes to laws and regulations.

Vitae's Team

Our team is composed of a group of determined and qualified individuals that are committed and motivated to make a change in how we use Social Media as a whole, and determined to leave a lasting impact for generations to come.

Our goal is to develop and pioneer the Vitae Social rewards platform in a legal and regulated environment. Therefor we decided to create Vitae AG as an established company based in Switzerland under Swiss law. Registered under the name Vitae AG Bahnhofstrasse 16 6300 Zug Switzerland CHE190216158.

Within Vitae AG we set up a lean management structure that however contains all necessary legal, financial and operational functions. These functions are executed by individuals, most of them on voluntary basis, who have proven their management skills in previous projects. By doing so we keep the overhead cost low in order to spend the major part of our funds to the development of our platform.

Step by step these “Vitae evangelists” will fit in a more elaborated structure that will make Vitae AG a great company to work for while offering an outstanding revenue model and services to its customers.

Our Partners




Empowering you to a new life!

Quality of content

All other social media platforms have made sharing too easy. This caused a wild growth of content. Unfortunately, the best content does not obtain the attention it deserves.

Vitae applies a different set of rules when it comes to sharing content. Users must pay a small amount of money to share content. This self-regulates the content and prevents low-quality content from stealing attention from high-quality posts.

To give our user-base the best experience, the Vitae social media platform has an advertisement free timeline. Vitae actively filters the content and the most popular topics (lifestyle, health, sports,…) are encouraged.

Receive rewards for your activity

Social media platforms exist because of their users. It’s you that’s making the content. It’s you that spreads the word. Why are you not rewarded for these efforts? Vitae shares the wealth. Your activity gets rewarded when you are spending time on Vitae.

It’s not you that has to change your habits. It’s the social media platforms that need to change their policies. Vitae puts this philosophy into practice.

Privacy of our users is key

Becoming a Vitae user is on invitation only, making a wild growth of users and contacts difficult.

Vitae has no intention to capture nor sell data of its users.

The Vitae charity fund

Besides giving everybody the chance for financial freedom by being active on our platform, Vitae has the intention to motivate its users to share a part of their income.

The Vitae charity fund will be used to make a better world by helping the less fortunate and by supporting environmental projects.