Our Community

We Love our community

What if a community is completely self-regulated? What if only the best quality content gains attention? What if negative messages stop spreading? Vitae gives the answers.

The Vitae community encourages sharing, networking and entrepreneurship. Vitae created the warmest and most welcoming social network on the internet. There are five main reasons why we are building a strong community.

  1. Personal presence: create your social network profile. Show your existence and have a voice.

  2. Feeling safe & Secure: offering the right environment, where you can voice your opinions and be rewarded for the actions you take on the social media page.

  3. Love & Belonging: connect with friends, make new friends, join & create groups, engage in conversations, share your passions & beliefs with like-minded people and feel alive. Be a proud member of the Vitae family.

  4. Improve your self-esteem: fulfill your desire to be respected and recognized by others. Vitae stands for mutual respect, loyalty & unity.

  5. Become the best you: reach your true personal potential. You love what you do & you want to be an example that motivates others. The sky isn’t even the limit

A warm community that rewards your efforts

Vitae is the only social network that rewards users for their activity. You will gain more financial freedom using the Vitae platform. Simply keep doing what you’ve been doing for years. The rewards you get come from your network. It comes from people who respect you.

In turn, you can reward your friends for the amazing content they share. Promoting a friend’s content will not only make him or her happy, but it will also generate a new type of income. That’s what makes Vitae more welcoming than any other online community. You can reward your friends and they can reward you.

We have added even more value to the likes and shares you give. Interacting on a social media platform will never be the same again. You will find a place within Vitae where you belong. You will find the respect you deserve.

A community that encourages you to only share the best content

Other social networks often struggle to promote high-quality content. Their Attempts to create self-regulating communities have failed. Poor quality content invades your timeline. Social media users hate scrolling down infinitely to find interesting content.

Vitae changes the rules of the social media game. We’ve turned likes and shares into valuable assets. Users are thoughtful when sharing and liking. No one wants to waste a precious like on negative or low-quality content.

Equilibrium 4 all

Network marketing or MLM 2.0. makes the community flourish. It provides our members with opportunities.

Our cryptocurrency, the Vitae token, makes transferring money easier than ever before. We designed the Vitae token for utility purposes.

The people behind Vitae have been dreaming about creating more equality for years. The arrival of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology changed everything. This dream of equality could become a reality. The rocket has launched, and it is gaining speed.

We built the platform from the ground up. Blockchain technology and Multi-level Marketing have made Vitae possible. We’ve put in years of hard work to design and build a system that promotes fairness. A system that’s built for growth. A place where an individual can engage with like-minded people.

Vitae provides you with the framework to discover your limitless potential. Vitae will impact your own life and others. Lead by example and others will benefit as well. This community strives to grow global prosperity instead of company profits. This community shares the wealth. Those who can afford it can donate to charity.

Equilibrium has been the goal from the start. It was ambitious. We were aiming for the moon. That’s where we’ve landed. Step aboard to discover your potential. Feel the love and unity no other network has ever given you.

Become an early adapter

You can enter our community by getting an invitation. Once you’re in, you can invite your friends.

This creates an accelerating growth.

The Vitae community is not tied to one country or continent. Vitae is growing all over the globe.

We are proud to have a big presence in populated areas such as South-East Asia and Western Europe.

We’re even more proud of our presence in some developing countries in Africa and South America.

Discover how big Vitae is getting by using our interactive map. You’ll see there’s plenty of people for you get in touch with.